A partnership based on a mutual love of music and a passion for fashion-forward styling.

Learn more about our partnership with songwriter, fashion icon and bad-ass bassist of the popular rock group the Eagles of Death Metal, Jennie Vee.

There's a number of reasons why teaming up with fashionable rocker Jennie Vee made perfect sense for our next collaboration.

Music lies deep in Valley's history, much like Jennie, who as a teenager spent countless days alone in her bedroom, playing bass and alphabetising her records to the sounds of The Cure, Jane's Addiction and Hole.

It's not just a shared and ingrained love of music that makes this partnership great.

These days, Jennie plays to sell-out crowds around the World with an air of fashionable confidence and feminine elegance. This is the epitome of the persona our female customers embody while wearing our frames, and sits perfectly with our desire to empower our customers with bold confidence.

Jennie epitomises fashionable confidence and feminine elegance- a perfect fit with our customers and mission.

Images of Jennie Vee on stage and with her guitar.
Jennie Vee playing her guitar
Jennie Vee with her signature frames and stylish outfits
Jennie Vee on stage at a major music festival
Jennie Vee with her guitar in a studio location